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What is the percentage split between quince and plum in the brandy?
Twist in taste, a secret recipe combining two diferent types of fruit is key innovation in order to deliver new drinking experience. Plum is dominant and quince provides very special taste note. However, the main emphasis here is not on the precise split between plum and quince, but rather on perfect balance and harmony of the two fruits resulting in unprecedented smoothness of the liquid.
Who is Mileta?

Mileta Manovic is our Master Distiller, the person engineering the authentic taste profile of Šamar and perfecting our secret recipe. His vast international experience in some of the most prestigious European distilleries is allowing him to combine heritage and tradition of brandy category with state-of-the-art contemporary production technology.

What kind of plum is it made of?

Cacanska lepotica, Cacanska rodna, Požegaca and Crvena Ranka. These are indigenous varieties typical for Balkans, best known for their high quality and suitability to produce premium brandy.

How long did maturation process last?

Šamar is complex spirit made by blending different kind of plum and quince brandies in order to create different and authentic taste profile. Quality and taste consistency are the most important features of Šamar. Ageing is important aspect as plum brandy is always matured in oak barrels giving it specific colour and aroma, but it is not the single most important component. Quality of the fruit is the most important aspect to deliver consistent and balanced taste profile.

Should it be cooled and to which temperature?

Traditionally rakija is consumed at room temperature. But as Šamar is specific due to its innovative character and it is best to be consumed in temperature range from 4 to 10ºC.

Why is quince added?

Quince has the capacity to contribute to smoothness of the taste profile and overall harmony of the taste. Quince is the secret ingredient that provides Šamar with unique note of complexity and mildness, making Šamar totally different to any other available brandy in the market.

Is there a cocktail brochure?

The full drinking brochure is currently being developed. Currently we are offering propositions that are easy drinkable and emphasize Šamar taste profile such as mixing with ginger ale, or in Sour cocktail. The idea behind this brand is to provide creative community of best bartenders with a high-quality ingredient with specific and different taste profile and inspire them to create something new and share with us. We will be compiling our drinking brochure of such creations and share it with the world.

What does the name Šamar mean?

Šamar symbolizes that gentle slap that brings out the best in you; a dash of energy you need to move you forward and unleash your explorer spirit. Allegorical Šamar tree is a surreal image of magical plum tree with growing plums. Whenever the ripe plums are falling off the tree, the tree is crying with golden tears. There are many hidden analogies in the tree canopy to discover…


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